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Modern, geometric, with a sense of fun, Archive Jewelry is imagined and crafted by designer, Rosslyn Boulanger.

From architecture, animals, foodstuffs, to the great outdoors, Rosslyn is forever inspired by the world around her. You can find Rosslyn at various markets throughout Edmonton full of smiles and ready to help you find a perfect piece or busily crafting away while listening to tunes and drinking (lots of) coffee in her wee studio.

Her fresh and Minty Green studio, located in Edmonton Alberta Canada, is awash in beads, brass findings, acrylic paints, paintbrushes (super fine-tipped!), and pretty stones awaiting their next creative project.



Hand-Painted Pieces - try to avoid getting these pieces wet as they are painted with Acrylics and there is a slight chance some colour may fade.


Brass & Copper - try to avoid getting these metals wet because they can tarnish. Want to polish 'em up and get more shine? Try using fine steel wool or buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth such as Goddard's.

Stones/Crystals/Geodes - Some stones, crystals, and geodes can be fragile so we recommend treating them with care and caution so as to avoid chips, cracks, or breaks.

Storage - In the off chance you don't wear your Archive jewelry every day (he he he), we suggest storing your piece(s) in small plastic baggies. This will help prevent any oxidization from occurring.