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About Us

Archive Boutique is a jewelry and accessory line created in Edmonton, Alberta. With a penchant for anything Art Deco and a deep connection to night-life and music festivals, you’ll find many of our pieces hold a modern futuristic vibe well suited for both daytime fits or glowing on the dance floor.

We're forever experimenting with different mediums and absolutely love to play with colour. From cute botanical enamel pins to stylish mask and glasses chains, you're sure to find something fun and unique at Archive Boutique!



Brass & Copper - try to avoid getting these metals wet because they can tarnish. Want to polish 'em up and get more shine? Try using fine steel wool or even better buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth such as Goddard's.

Stones/Crystals/Geodes - Some stones, crystals, and geodes can be fragile so we recommend treating them with care and caution so as to avoid chips, cracks, or breaks.

Polymer Clay Pieces - Store out direct sunlight. You can carefully clean the pieces with diluted soapy water. Pat to dry with a soft cloth/towel.

Storage - In the off chance you don't wear your Archive jewelry every day (he he he), we suggest storing your piece(s) in small plastic baggies. This will help prevent any oxidization from occurring.